To all our partners, friends and colleagues,

2020 was a tough one. First of all, I would like to address a word to the ones facing major difficulties in their personnal and business lifes. Now more than ever we all need to take care of ourselves and our beloved ones and look at the present and the future.

Fighting Spirit is standing strong. My team and myself had to work hard, work differently and I am very grateful to everyone at Fighting Spirit.

Fighting Spirit is ready for 2021 !

Fighting Spirit still offers a large catalog of international producers, a variety of prenium combat sports and brands.

There is no surprise if I tell you that live content will be the major topic of our business in 2021. Fighting Spirit worked closely with its brands to guarantee a live schedule even with no crowds. Live content will go on and will still be the king !

Also, Fighting Spirit commits to focus on in-house production. For exemple in 2020, during lockdown, I have decided to produce 2 seasons in one year of Fighting Spirit MMA to make sure Fighting Spirit evolves and give broadcasters what they need.

I wish you, Parteners, Friends, the best for this new season. I am looking forward to meet all of you either in real life or behind our screens.

Keep fighting,

Laurent Pourrut